¿What Do We Do?

FUNCOES strongly beliefs that one of the paths to lead good actions in children and adolescents is changing their own perceptions and possibilities, through activities and special programs that generates positive results: therefore FUNCOES promotes the construction of social actions through three strategic lines of attention, aimed at improving the quality of life of children and adolescents in Choco:

Attention for the strengthening of education:

The main purpose of this topic is to contribute to the improvement of education, especially for the population between 5 and 14 years old in Choco, in order to expand its coverage area, guaranteeing school retention and strengthening the quality of education through pedagogical programmes in order to secure a full and comprehensive development of the child population in this region trying to implement tools that form fulfilled and happy competent beings. Promote equal opportunities and access to technological tools in the same way other children and adolescents in the country.

Sexual education:

It is necessary to develop information channels, give tools and motivation to children and adolescents that allows them an awareness in relation to self-knowledge and self-care of their bodies, the importance of respect about their physical integrity and adolescents to expand awareness about responsible decision making in terms of sexuality.


The principal goal is to promote identity and self-knowledge, develop and promote the talent of children and adolescents, as well as finding in arts, recreation and sports a transformation tool which develops skills for life to express and manage emotions. Also it is important to create healthy habits by making good use of free time while they strengthen their values.


Christmas for Choco:

This activity started in 2009 becoming the flagship campaign of FUNCOES. The objective is to change the way children and adolescents from the farthest places in Choco live this special season of the year and they do not have the opportunity of receiving a christmas gift when it is supposed to be a joyful and happy day. What this initiative seeks is to give children hope and to fight against the exclusion and poverty weight.


1. Generate opportunities for children and adolescents through the creation of suitable spaces for comprehensive educational development, as well as activities that reduce the inequality gap that exists in this region with respect to the others at the national level.

2. Reduce the rate of unwanted pregnancies in minors through special programs that allow them to access self-care and self-respect information, generating awareness to make decisions based on self-love.

3. Create and consolidate a team of leading volunteers in service and social entrepreneurship, in order to successfully carry out the projects and programs defined in our foundation

4. Connect Chocó with the world through the provision of computers and training programs to children and adolescents in order to provide them with the necessary tools that allow them to be competitive in this era.

Support us

Coloring lifes:People from Colombia and all countries that want to contribute to improve the lives of children from Choco through monthly or annual economical support and in this way create a bond with them by letters and photos sent periodically, between you and the kid that you are helping.

Colors Store: Buy any product inspired on the culture from Colombian pacific side and in this way you will support the improvement of living conditions of children and adolescent in Choco

Donate: With your contribution you can give hope to children from Choco that do not have many opportunities in life. You can make your donations here (PayU – PSE)